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This all happened More or Less

A City Percent for Public Art project along SE Division Street in Portland, Oregon

Administered by the Regional Arts & Culture Council

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Photo by Len Crockett

This All Happened More or Less

The moments captured by these sculptures are quiet and simple and everyday, mirroring the familiar scenes that can occur on a street like Division. Unlike a statue of a hero or icon, whose story is legend, these people are like you. They are mysterious, complicated, and everyone is invited to guess what goes on in their lives. The stones are monuments to these moments - platforms for the characters, whose purpose is to draw attention to them, but the surrounding cityscape is their stage.

Division Street Map Division Street Map
SW Corner at 11th Avenue
NE Corner at 16th Avenue
NW Corner at 20th Avenue
NE Corner at 21st Avenue
SE Corner at 26th Avenue
NE Corner at 30th Avenue
NE Corner at 32nd Avenue
SE Corner at 36th Avenue
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Crystal Schenk Shelby Davis

Crystal Schenk and Shelby Davis

Our collaborative work comes out of a shared interest in storytelling, history and symbolism. When deciding what we would like to create, we spend time looking for coincidences - areas of overlap, where we have both been toying with an image in the back of our mind. We search for the most potent icon that inspires us to spend intimate time with its history, learning its stories and form. Currently, we are interested in large shifts of scale, and how changing the size of objects can create dynamic tension in narrative and focus.

We are a husband and wife team living in Portland, OR. We each have our own individual art practices and have also been working together since 2009, creating large-scale sculptures, installations and public artworks. We are actively seeking out similar public art projects and private commissions. All inquiries can be directed to |

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